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What is a Each Way Matcher?

Most likely you heard about the Each Way Matcher if you started your matched betting journey for a while. Eitherway, you are more then welcome to refresh your knowledge about it or if you are a newbie, please keep reading to find out what it is and how you can take advantage of this tool.

Each Way Matcher is a great piece of software which analyses hundreds of odds and each way prices from over 65+ bookmakers and compares them with the opposing win and place bets from the betting exchanges to deliver win-win opportunities, whatever the outcome. This type of software can be found on OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator and other paid matched betting sites. In same cases the potential earning from using this tools can go up to hundreds of pounds.

What is Each Way Matching?

Now, that we know what a matcher is, let’s explain the concept of Each Way Matching – is basically placing an each way bet on a horse and then laying the opposing win and place bets off on the betting exchange. We can describe it as a variation of normal backing and laying, but when we bet each way, we need to lay both the win and place (eachway) part of the bet.

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What is the difference between Arbing and Each Way Matching?

The concept of arbitrage betting is based on the win only – the back price needs to be higher than the lay price for a positive estimated value. In each way betting, the win price of the horse doesn’t need to be higher than the win price at the exchange because the value is taken from the place element instead.

The arb occurs on the place part of the bet because bookmakers’ each way terms are a fraction of the starting price (generally 1/4 or 1/5 of their starting price). Also, the each way terms are not linked to any type of probability. However, at betting exchange is different.

An exchange market is basically a marketplace where the odds are calculated more by probability and market sentiment. Therefore, are more opportunities to place an arb, this where the bookmakers price for the place part of the bet is higher than the actual probability (odds at the exchange).

Read more if you don’t know what Arb means or what types of Each Way Systems are out there.

Benefits of using an Each Way Matcher

The Each Way Matching is usually used on gubbed accounts because are already restricted from participating in offers. You can also use it to get a higher value return from bookmakers’ free bets and use it to put on qualifying bets with lower losses (especially good on getting low loss qualifiers for 2nd / 3rd place refund offers)!

The Each Way software is really useful for Extra Places Offers. You can quickly filter to show only horses in that race and decide whether the technique of covering the field is going to return a profit or not. We have used this software couple of times while we were trying to decide if an extra place race is profitable or not.

How an Each Way Matcher works?

First, it analyses the data from all horse races which are communally covered by the bookmakers and the betting exchanges. After, is ranking this data to show the most profitable horse at the current odds.

The best part is that, the Each Way Matcher is doing all of the calculations for you: pre-sets to the maximum stake which is possible to gain the maximum profit based on the the current lay liquidity in both the back and place markets. Also, it allows you to use filters on bookmakers, betting exchange and on your preferable races. This feature is really handy when comes to maximize the outcome of offers such as ‘refund if the horse finishes second’ or ‘free bet if the horse wins’.

How can the Each Way Matcher fit into your everyday matched betting routine?

Definitely, should be used any day of the week. The potential is there to make a good daily profit by using the Each Way Matcher alone, especially because you can still utilize it on your restricted accounts (restricted from bonuses but able to place normal bets).

Also, for extra places offers, you can quickly filter the race and use more advanced techniques to increase your profit, such as covering the whole field or part of the field. The best part is that you don’t need to pay for these tools when you have your full membership on sites such as OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator, etc.

Use the buttons below to Signup for Profit Accumulator or Odds Monkey. If you have any doubts on which one to choose, please read our comparison article for “What are the Best Paid Matched Betting sites?

Would you recommend Each Way Matching to beginners?

We would highlight the fact that this is an advanced tool which will suit more experienced matched bettors. The processes are similar to the backing and laying with ‘normal’ matched betting, but with more markets involved and quicker moving odds. There is also the fact that horse withdrawals could potentially lead to less places being paid.

Our top tips for using Each Way Matcher

•Use it on your gubbed accounts that are not allowed bonuses but have no betting restrictions.

• Be cautious with this concept. Even the most advanced matched bettors should practice with smaller stakes until they become confident.

•If you can combine offers. You can often find matches on the Each Way Matcher which will lose you less (or in some cases make you a profit) than a normal qualifying loss.

• Definitely is a great tool if you want to cover the whole field. The Each Way Matcher comes into its own when extra place races are offered.

Please feel free to leave us a comment. We really appreciate your feedback and share this post if you think a friend or a buddy can take advantage of this material. Thank you.

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