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UK Gambling and Online Betting Statistics

Every year, the Gambling Commission is compiling the latest statistics from the industry and releases some of the greats revealing information for the latest trends and changes in gambling. Therefore, we at Everyday Betting, have asked our self what are the latest stats for UK gambling industry, especially the online betting. Keep in mind these latest stats are actually compiled and published in May 2019. [Gambling Commission should release a new publication by end of the year – subscribe to our newsletter to be get our summary as soon the publication is released].

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The Findings

This Gambling Commission report reflects headline findings that describe the current gambling market and is accompanied by a detailed data file. [Credits:].

As we seen in the above info-graphic, GGY for the industry was £14.5bn in the year Oct 2017- Sept 2018, saawing a slight decrease overall of 0.4% on the previous reporting period. The online gambling is the largest sector by GGY and represents approx. 39% of the overall market with £5.5bn. Within the remote (online) sector, casino games have generated £3.0bn in GGY, predominantly through slots games (£2.0bn). GGY for remote betting totals £2.5bn and is dominated by football and horse betting.

The most preferred device between gamblers is the desktop, with a healthy portion of users: 51%, followed by mobile with 33% and tablet with only 16%. Half of 25-34s users who have gambled online have used a tablet or a mobile. We can’t wait to see the Nov report in terms of users by device. We bet that the mobile device will pick up given the fact more and more bettors are getting better devices and better data mobile deals. Also, the VPN softwares are getting smarter and cheaper.

The average number of accounts hold by online bettors is 3.5, a number which is not surprisingly at all. Most of the gamblers are betting at least once a week: 31%. Immediately after, are those which are gambling Once a month/Less than once a week with a healthy 26% of gamblers. The next category is represented by the bettors which are betting 2+ days a week with a 23% portion of the respondents and finally, are those which are betting Less than 1 a month, showed as 20% of gamblers.

An interesting stat to mention is that 1 in 4 online gamblers are betting in-play, which makes us think that those people are watching most of the times the sport event and their are betting impulsively. Also, seems like the everyday bettor prefers their own house settings for their everyday betting experience.

If you found these stats interesting please don’t hesitate to share them across. Also, please feel free to leave us a comment with your feedback or any suggestions you have for future stats you would like to see for gambling industry.

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