Reload Offers Guide

Our matched betting reload offers guide will answer the question which any beginner into matched betting would thought: ” What I’m going to do after I depleted the sign-up offers; probably is time to give up on matched betting idea?”.  Well, be rested because you are not alone: 99% of the rookies will have the same thought as you. However, the truth is far from this, actually, is quite simple.

The way we continue to make money online via the bookies is with something called reload offers. Let’s start and explain what exactly this means and what you should expect from this kind of offers. So, in this guide, we are going to answer questions such as:

  • What Are Reload Offers?
  • What kind of reload offers are out there? 
  • Is any sport better than other for these kind of offers?
  • Are casino’s reload offers profitable?
  • Where can you find reload offers? and more.
By the time you’re finished with our Reload Offers Guide, your mindset will be changed to confident, eager and optimistic. If you think you are not the only one which can benefit from this knowledge, please use the below links to share it. 

Matched Betting Reload Offers FAQ

When we talk about ‘reload offers’ we mean any form of promotion offered by a bookmaker or casino that is offered to an existing customers. The vast majority of offers and bonuses are open to all users, new or current customers. 

It’s just that the sign-up offers are commonly referred as the ‘easiest’ way to build your bank because is the easiest and fastest way to earn money. However, as we said it before, reloads are the bonuses which allow us to generate four-figure profits every single month. Keep in mind that, these reload offers can come in many different forms.

In comparison, sign-ups are typically all exactly the same style: “If you deposit and bet X amount, you will receive a free bet worth Y amount.” Sometimes you may have to complete a rollover before you can withdraw any winnings, but the principle is the same.

The most common form of reload offer is a free bet, similar to sign-up offer: Get X by Betting Y. So,these offers are all about accumulating small amounts of profit on a regular basis. For this given example, let’s say BetFred awards you a £15 free bet each week if you bet £50.

You could get this £15 free bet whilst completing other offers anyway – and you’re likely to do so in some, or even most, fortnights. However, if you didn’t automatically get it, you could use back and lay method to gain a profit from this offer.

You can then back and lay your £15 free bet for around £10 profit each week. Initially, maybe this is not a lot, but put it in a year perspective, you can make in a year £260. When you factor in the other bookmakers that regularly run ‘Bet £20, Get £20’ type offers, or even those running similar free bets, the profit can be multiplied substantial.

We can say that even the smallest reload offer can bring you profit in a long term, especially when most of bookmakers are offering these bonuses quite regularly just to keep their current customers happy.

Again, is about the time you put in and how efficient your methods are. But, if you consistently complete most of the reload offers in a month, you’ll be able to make up a healthy income in  3, even 4 figures. Extrapolating, the hard work across a year can bring you thousands of tax free income. It’s no secret, matched betting reload offers are incredibly profitable, when done correctly.

Horse racing is one of the sports for which bookmakers are giving reloads on a regular occurrence; they run on a daily basis with a large number of bookmakers. Is true that these promotions change fairly frequently, but in most cases they tend to fall under one of the following types of offer:

  • Money Back if Second
    This is a common offer and comes in around the big horse racing festivals. A free bet is given as a refund if your horse finishes in second place. The average max stake for these is around £25. The trick with this offer is to just back and lay a horse – preferably the favourite or second favourite – and hope it comes second. If you can get on at low qualifying losses, and stick to races with only a small number of runners in (10 or fewer is ideal), you’ll likely hit a refund of £25 for every £5-6 spent.   
  • Money Back if your horse doesn’t win
    This is the most profitable offer there is. If you don’t win, you get your money back – is usually only found at events like the Cheltenham Festival.
  • Money back if your horse finishes second to the favourite
    Is similar to the offer we described in detail above, except it must finish second to the pre-race favourite. This trigger is more difficult to hit, so losses must be kept to a minimum.
  • Beaten by a Length (BBL)
    Basically, if your horse finishes second, and loses by less than a length, you will get a refund. This is a common occurrence on short races, such as 1 mile race.
  • Free Bet if You Win at Odds of 5+
    This kind of bet can make you a profit if is used wise. By overlaying your  selection, you can ensure that you lose no money if the horse does not win. If the horse does win, you will lose a fair amount, but you’ll have a free bet of greater value. Keep in mind that we are assuming you have a close match at odds as close to the required as possible.
  • Fallers Insurance
    Basically you need for the horse you’ve bet on to fall. Back and lay for very small qualifying losses and this will be profitable on any race over fences.
  • Extra Places
    Is one of the most advanced, but also most profitable horse racing offer.

    If a bookmaker is paying 5 places compared to the race typically paying 4, you can back and lay close matches on the win and ‘To Place’ markets on Betfair and if your horse comes 5th, you will win your back and your lay bets for a big payout.

Football offers are most often considered consistent generators of profit for matched bettors. The main reason behind this statement is that football is really good for blending in your matched bets along with your mug bets. If you are going for the high-profile football matches for all of your bets, you’ll likely receive very few gubbings – if any.

As before, these football offers are falling under different categories, such as:

  • When a trigger is occurring you get a free bet
    For example, if a bookmaker is offering a refund up to £15 if the match ends in a draw, you can back and lay one of the teams to win for a small qualifying loss. You can then place a lay on the draw to cover your loss. So, if it’s not a draw, you won’t have lost anything, except the qualifying losses. If it is a draw, you’ll have lost some money on the exchange, but you’ll have a higher value free bet.
  • Acca Insurance
    This is a process for intermediate matched bettors and above. Read our full guide here.

Another popular promotion from bookmakers are price boosts offers. Means that sometimes an increase  in the price of a certain market takes place because  the aim is to increase the betting activity. If the lay odds at a betting exchange are lower than the hiked back odds, you can make a profit instantly. Price boosts are one of the simplest ways to turn a profit using matched betting. Aiming to make between £1 and £4 with each price boost is always profitable. There are plenty of price boosts available in the market and, as always,  the profit will rack up.

The casino can offer really profitable reloads. However, quite often there is some variance on these, so  if you are a beginner and have a small bankroll, at this stage, please avoid them. The casino offers come in different categories, such as:

  • Free Spins – is rarely when you win, but if you do, is a free risk earning.
  • 100% Refunds
    For example, the bookmakers are trying to tempt you into using their casino product after you’ve already been betting on sports.Typically, with this reload, you will be able to opt-in to promotions like ‘£10 100% refund’ on the casino, meaning you can literally gamble £10 on slots and hope to win big. Once your balance decreases by £10, you leave and wait for the bookmaker to issue your refund.
  • Deposit BonusesThese are usually higher risk and we’d advise that you have at least a four-figure bankroll to even attempt the smallest of deposit bonuses with wagering attached. You’re going to need a £4,000 – £5,000 bankroll to begin to attempt these at scale. These deposit bonuses will often be things like 100% or 200% deposit matches up to £200. However, this is a high risk method and we wouldn’t recommend it at least if you know what are you doing and you don’t really need that sum.

We currently recommend the following sites that list almost every single reload offer:

Profit Accumulator (free signup here) Profit Maximiser (free trial here) OddsMonkey (free signup here)

The above sites list almost every reload offer so can be really profitable. Each offer will have instructions on how to complete it. There will also often be an expected level of profit listed – depending on the type of promotion.

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