What are the Best Paid Matched Betting sites ?

If you are new to matched betting or you want to refresh your memory, let’s start with the obvious: What is Matched Betting? In short, Matched betting is a low risk form of gambling, typically on sporting events. This is also commonly referred to as ‘bonus hunting’ or ‘no-risk betting’. By using free bets and other promotions, matched bettors guarantee profits by having all outcomes of a match or an event covered. Please read more into this topic using our Matched Betting Basics Module or for more advanced topics, please don’t hesitate to use our Matched Betting Advanced Module.

The best matched betting sites are:

Now, let’s have a look into best paid matched betting sites. Below you can find a clear description of monthly fee, what tools they have, if they offer support, etc. We recommend to read the full description for each of these subscription based matched betting sites. [right after this table].

Disclaimer: At the date of writing this article the
prices/offers were accurate. Please check before you signup.

OddsMonkeyProfit AccumulatorProfit Squad MatchedBets
Monthly fee£19.99£19.99£18.00 £18
Annual fee£150£150£149 £99
Free Trial (offers/free bet value)3/£402/£302/£50 14 day trial @ £1
Mobile OptimisedYesNoNo No
Odds matcher (UK licensed bookmakers)395344 40+
Odds matcher (exchanges)444 4
Calculator (bonus types)711 1
Bet trackingYesYesYes Yes
Odds Matching Extras
Acca matchingIncInc£15.99/£130 No
Offer matchingIncInc£15.99/£130 No
Dutch searchIncIncNo No
Text guidesExtensiveExtensiveExtensive Extensive
Video guidesExtensiveTrial onlyExtensive Extensive
Live chatYesNoNo No
ForumYesYesYes Yes
EmailYesYesYes Yes

1. Odds Monkey

From our experience and from what our users say, OddsMonkey seems to be one of the most used Matched Betting website in terms of number of user, over 40,000 matched bettors. Their subscription service provides comprehensive tutorials (both written and video), as well as high-quality Matched Betting software & tools.

Their industry-leading Odds Matching tool makes finding current Matched Betting opportunities a walk in the park. (really useful when you are a beginner). It’s the most popular and longest running Matched Bet Finder on the market. OddsMonkey Premium users automatically unlock a wider selection of Matched Betting opportunities on the Oddsmatcher. Also, the team are constantly improving their Matched Betting software by developing new features. This ensures that they always stay one step ahead of competing companies. For instance, they recently added a 2-way and 3-way Dutch Finder to their Premium package.

OddsMonkey provides ongoing value to subscribers through it’s daily offers calendar. It’s up-to-date and fully loaded with information on the latest free bets and any other valuable promotions. Their guides break down every offer into small steps, making Matched Betting simpler and much more efficient. This feature alone justifies the monthly fee.


By far, this is OddsMonkey’s closest rival, and it’s debatable who’s has a bigger community nowadays. Profit Accumulator has a base of over 20,000+ bettors. The service is build around finding the best, most profitable free bets/bonuses, and providing members with detailed information on the optimal strategies to use.

From our experience, the tutorials and videos available via the Profit Accumulator website are really useful and comprehensive. They walk subscribers through the process step-by-step, revealing all of Matched Betting’s little-known tricks. No matter what prior experience members have of gambling, they’re able to follow the simple instructions and start enjoying profits almost instantly. Also, they support is really responsive which makes everyday bettor’s life really easy when is in trouble.

One of the features I particularly like about Profit Accumulator is the ‘Reloads’ section, for earning ongoing profits. If you want to read more about how reload offers are working please click here. All  reload offers are rated by Profit Accumulator’s expert staff, meaning that subscribers never dive into a promotion that they’re uncertain about. Members can sort the offers with the highest star rating at the top and also mark them as ‘complete’, where necessary. It’s easy to toggle between ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ offers, which is handy for keeping track of past activity.

The Odds Matching Software helps users to find tight odds between the Bookmaker and the exchange — an essential part to Matched Betting. Basically is OddsMonkey’s equivalent. Obviously, this tool is a must for any bettor not only because is a huge time saver, but also, will help anyone looking to maximise profits from Matched Betting.


Joe Hawes and Ben Perchard are the founder of Profit Squad. They created a premium Matched Betting Service offering in-depth video tutorials, really useful for beginners and also they didn’t neglected the experienced members, bringing them as of advanced strategies for them to be used.

Profit Squad team aims to help their members earn at least £1,000 profit a month within the first 90 days of subscribing. You will say that this target is quite ambitious, but believe us, is more than achievable using their neat, step-by-step resources. And if you struggle with any aspects, then they’re on-hand to offer guidance. They offer you even a personalised strategy to ensure you meet your target.

The Profit Squad Matched Betting calendar is where subscribers can find all of the best daily offers. This includes free bets as well as plenty of casino and bingo offers, too. For sports offers you’ll need to utilize the odds matching tool to find bets at your selected Bookmaker (same kind of tool we found on the other competitors). A highly appreciated feature of the Profit Squad Matched Betting Service is the ability to mark your offers as “In Progress” or “Completed”. This makes everyday bettor;s life very easy when is keeping track on what have actually been done to date — without using separate, disjointed) spreadsheets.

In comparison with other, the Profit Squad forum has moved away from Facebook and onto their own website. Threads typically discuss new offers, tips and warnings. From what we can say, the community it self is very responsive — so you’ll able to quickly find answers to time-sensitive issues.


The team at Matched Bets has over 30 years experience in the betting industry and another 10 years experience creating one of the leading online sports betting affiliate websites.

Matched Bets have made it their goal to spread to the word about Matched Betting — and they’re going about it in the right way. They’re careful never to over-sell what one can realistically earn from Matched Betting, and their tutorials and explanations are impressively clear and concisely written.

Despite the fact Matched Bets is a new service, this doesn’t reflect what they’re offering, making their Matched Betting software mobile compatible and therefore easier to do on the move. Which on today world, is an essential. They’re also offering other features such as the ‘Bet Tracking’ service — which eliminates the need for spreadsheets. The Matched Bets calculator is already compatible to more bet types than their rivals’ products.

Being new and relatively small, Matched Bets is a wise investment to any prospective matched bettor. Customers benefit from a more personalised customer service. Matched Bets has a competitive monthly recurring subscription price of £18 per month, and the best value annual subscription of just £99. We highly recommend opting for the annual subscription, as that’s just £8.25 per month. You’ll make back that expense very quickly (within a few days, potentially).

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