What are the Best Exchange Markets in 2022?

In this article, we are going to put at rest one of the questions is always asked in the forums, social media groups or by our beloved users (thank you for supporting and reading our guides and blog posts): “What are the best exchange markets in 2022?”

What are the benefits of utilizing one over another betting exchange site? There are a solitary 4 significant players in this field: Betfair Exchange Betting, Smarkets Betting Exchange, Matchbook Betting Exchange, and Betdaq. Let’s see now what was our experience using these betting exchange sites and how useful and clear were their guides for taking advantage of their products. In the end, we wanted to know which one is the best sports betting exchange (in our opinion) so we can guide you into choosing the right platform.  So:

1. Betfair Exchange Betting

Betfair is considered to be the biggest of all, the most well-known exchange market. It was shaped in 2000 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray and works under a Gibraltar permit. At the beginning of 2016, Betfair and Paddy Power merge and the organization has been recorded on the London Stock as “Paddy Power Betfair”. 

Let’s talk about some of the advantages included in the Betfair Exchange platform:

  • Betfair has the most markets and sports of any of these 4, these days we believe they have the most esports bets.
  • There’s commonly a great deal of action inside the betting markets , implying that you’ll only from time to time battle to get a stake away (contingent upon its size)
  • Exceeds expectations in terms of bets variety, especially for horse racing and football. There’s no exchange site offering anyplace close the same number of in-play markets.
  • The API empowers the improvement of numerous expert betting programs.

These are just some of the advantages. Now, like any tool, it has some disadvantages. In our opinion these are:

  • Their commission is relatively high for a fresh signup user. The base is set at 5% and can go down to a 2% on your winnings – level assigned weekly by user activity – more you wage less you pay..
  • A Premium Charge was presented in 2008, whereby roughly 0.5% of the best dealers are charged around 20% of their income – this measure was heavily criticized because it was going against their “being fair” ethos. 

2. Smarkets Betting Exchange – one of the best exchange markets in 2020?

In the next couple of rows, we tried to give you, everyday bettor a short summary for our Smarkets betting exchange review. First, some history and some impressive numbers: Smarkets was established in 2008 and is one of the newest sports betting exchanges. They’ve made their expectations clear by taking on the market leader. In April 2014, Smarkets hit £500m lifetime exchanges, yet it took not exactly a year to twofold that, accomplishing the £1bn exchanges in March 2015.

Below, we summarised some advantages of using Smarkets:

  • Their flat 2% commission is pretty much aggressive and makes it a really good alternative to Betfair, especially if you are a beginner in matched betting. 
  • In our opinion, Smarkets has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. As a beginner, you will find that, somehow, their design is making your experience more rewarding and easier.

As before, each of these sport betting exchanges is having some disadvantages. These are Smarkets ones:

  • As an overall (counting also the in-play markets), it seems like this platform has fewer markets than its main rival, Betfair™ – we are curious about what is going to happen in the next couple of years between these two betting exchange sites.
  • It also has less liquidity than Betfair does and this is especially apparent in the less-mainstream markets.
  • Another disadvantage is the absence of an API openly accessible – in our opinion, this is going to change as the platform will pick up more users and the demand will increase; also, a similar scenario will be in place for liquidity making them probably one of the most used sports betting exchange in UK.

3. Matchbook Betting Exchange

Matchbook was born in 2004, however, the betting exchange site was truly developed and become popular after 2011, when the new investors changed their goal for the newly acquired platform by building the liquidity inside their current markets so it can become a contestant for market’s leader, Betfair.

Here are some advantages of MatchBook:

  • The commission rate is one of the lowest in the industry, just 1.5% in the event that you bet on a current offer in your chosen market. Otherwise, Matchbook will take only a 0.75% commission when you post an offer.
  • Most of Matchbook betting exchange reviews are saying the same thing in terms of liquidity: “they have the most accessible liquidity in the US sports market”. Our opinion is the same, especially when we think about big American leagues such as NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL.
  • From our history with their platform, we believe that they offer one of the best user experiences out there. Probably you think the next statement is bold, but we think that maybe it is the best sports betting exchange interface at this time.

Now, let’s discuss some of the Matchbook disadvantages:

  • As Smarkets betting exchange, at this time, Matchbook has fewer markets and liquidity than their rival, Betfair.
  • There’s no API openly accessible, which means there’s an absence of items that can be coordinated with the s betting exchanges trade. However, you can have a request form filled for access and they’re likely to grant access once they know your intention for using their platform API.

4. Betdaq Exchange

Betdaq is considered by the experts to be the 2nd betting exchange market in terms of size. Betdaq exchange was established in 2000 and was acquired in 2013 by the investors from Ladbrokes. At that time, Betdaq just had (roughly) a 7% portion of the online betting in the UK and Ireland.

The advantages of Betdaq include the following:

  • A considerable measure of liquidity in most markets. To put it in perspective, it is viewed as the second biggest betting exchange site, right behind Betfair Exchange Betting.
  • Betdaq doesn’t require a Premium charge for their biggest earners dealers, unlike its primary rival in the industry.
  • Sometimes Betdaq Exchange offers some incredible advancements. For example,  their “0% commission for the primary month” is a great deal, especially if you are a matched betting beginner.

The disadvantages of Betdaq are:

  • Betdaq used to offer a 2% commission at first. Be that as it may, presently they’re offering something similar to first analyzed exchange market: you begin at 5% and once you start waging more you can go down to a 2% commission rate.
  • In terms of market diversity and liquidity, as same as the other 2 exchange platforms, Betdaq is still behind Betfair. 
  • Also, some experts considered that once Ladbrokes acquired Betdaq, the sports betting exchange site didn’t really progress, presumably because there’s a conflict in interest between the bookmaker business model and exchange market one.

Hopefully, now that we showed you the advantage and disadvantages of each of these betting exchanges, you will be able to chose one. Meanwhile, which one you think is the best exchange markets in 2021? Leave us a message below or as always, if you believe this post was useful please share it with your friends. Cheers!