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What is a Each Way Matcher?

Each Way Matcher is a great piece of software which analyses hundreds of odds and each way prices from over 65+ bookmakers and compares them with the opposing win and place bets from the betting exchanges to deliver win-win opportunities, whatever the outcome. This type of software can be found on OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator and other paid matched betting sites. In same cases the potential earning from using this tools can go up to hundreds of pounds.

Underlaying and Overlaying Explained in Matched Betting

The possibility of hearing terms such as underlay and overlay mentioned is high then you’re familiar with matched betting. If your are just starting, maybe these next couple of words can give you an idea of what this means: underlay and overlay are lay techniques which result in varied profit depending on the outcome of the bet. It gives you the option of turning a non risk-free offer into a potential risk-free offer. Simply, when you underlay a bet and that bet wins at the bookmaker, you will end up with more profit. And when you overlay a bet and that bet loses at your chosen bookmakers you will make more profit.

What is a Matched Betting Advanced Calculator?

As you already probably know, a Matched Betting Calculator is a matched bettors most reliable tool and is a must. Is your best everyday friend. Unless you have a maths degree or you have a real passion for calculus, trying to do some of the lay stake calculations would make your head spin. However, with some coding knowledge and some cleverness, all of the difficult calculations can be worked out in a blink of an eye.