Is matched betting worth it? It does for us.
Our beginning.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit our matched betting site and we really appreciate your support and feedback.

So, let’s try to answer if is matched betting worth it?

Before we can give you the answer, let’s see how things started for us. We need to say that this site is mainly run by our founder, Andrei & his friend Koz, and from time to time we have the input from some of our collaborators, which some of them are professional tipsters. 

A few years ago, while A.C was at University, he started playing online poker in the hope of making big money.  Like many, he searched high and low for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but, unfortunately I’m afraid to report that he did’t believe such a thing exists. So, he started to commit a lot of his spare time to poker and other ways to get a steady income.

Time past and his interest in poker games diminished, but the interest in betting industry increased. First time, he heard about matched betting, he was very sceptical. (we were the same). He started to read up on the techniques and explore things further and it wasn’t long before he made an easy £300 from new customer offers from different betting houses.

He said to us when we first started working together: “Now having a second steady income everyday is really rewarding, especially having extra expenses as a father of two little boys” . We, at Everyday Betting, believe that some extra cash is always welcome and it’s not difficult to obtain it.  We know this it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but it’s certainly a way of earning yourself a bit of financial freedom. So, to answer “If is matched betting worth it?” Definitely, YES.

With sympathy and respect,  

EB Team

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